The Third Asian Translation Traditions Conference:

(Ex)Change and Continuity in Translation Traditions

Boğaziçi University

Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Istanbul

October 22–24, 2008


The Third Asian Translation Traditions Conference will be held at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul on October 22–24, 2008. The conference is a sequel to two previous Asian Translation Traditions conferences held at the AHRB Centre for Asian and African Languages in London (2004) and the Adivasi Academy in Tejgadh, India (2005). Like the previous two conferences, the third conference will challenge the Eurocentric bias of Translation Studies by exploring the richness and diversity of non-Western discourses and practices of translation. The focus will be on translational exchanges among non-Western languages and change and continuity in the translation traditions of specific cultures ensuing from contacts with other cultures. One day of the conference will be allocated to a discussion of the Ottoman/Turkish translation tradition.

Keynote Speakers:

Martha Cheung, Hong Kong Baptist University

Saliha Paker, Okan University, formerly Boğaziçi University


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